Links for September

PSA: If you live in the Edinburgh area, I am organising an Astral Codex Ten meetup group. The first meeting will (probably) be on the 24th of October with Scott Alexander himself, but hopefully we will have enough people to be sustaining after that. I also help organise an effective altruism group in Edinburgh, soContinue reading “Links for September”

A Layman’s Guide to Recreational Mathematics Videos

I have watched a lot of maths videos on the internet. The medium of YouTube is quite well suited to maths; maths books are frequently either boring or are really about maths history/psychology/sociology. People sometimes ask me for recommendations of maths channels and videos to watch, so I thought I would write this guide toContinue reading “A Layman’s Guide to Recreational Mathematics Videos”

Links for August

What I’ve been reading Slime Mold on tricameral legislatures. What if there were three houses of Congress, the third one being composed of randomly selected members of the population, and laws could be approved by any two out of three of the houses? This post works through that idea. If you are looking for moreContinue reading “Links for August”

My Five Favourite Episodes of ‘Conversations with Tyler’

Inspired by: Fergus McCullough. Podcast feed: Website, Apple podcasts, Spotify, RSS Conversations with Tyler is one of my favourite podcasts. In it, the economist Tyler Cowen asks detailed (and often rapid-fire) questions of guests, which often include authors, philosophers, scientists and economists. Conversations with Tyler is very information dense, and has a lot of replayContinue reading “My Five Favourite Episodes of ‘Conversations with Tyler’”

Links for July

I added an ideas page to this website, which can be accessed from the homepage. I also added a projects page for miscellany that doesn’t fit into a blog post. What I’ve been reading George Orwell’s thoughts on the common toad. “Presently [the toad] has swollen to his normal size again, and then he goesContinue reading “Links for July”

Links for June

First, some housekeeping: This blog is now funded by Emergent Ventures! Huge thanks to Tyler Cowen for this. My Miles Davis post got a fair amount of traction. I got a lot of feedback, most of which was constructive. My biggest error was not paying more attention to the late career live recordings, which areContinue reading “Links for June”


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