Links for January

What I’ve been reading Which country has the world’s best healthcare system? An argument that you should buy things, not experiences.   Chris Blattman has restarted blogging. See for example his best non-fiction of the year, parts one and two. The story of scurvy; or, why reality is very weird. Things you are doing butContinue reading “Links for January”

Links for December

Links are late this month, due to my Christmas-induced slowdown in media consumption. What I’ve been reading Zvi Mowshowitz’s current model of omicron. It’s hard to believe this came out only a week ago. Why does yoga feel good? Some hypotheses. Cheating as a last resort. And more from the same blog: experiments in choosingContinue reading “Links for December”

For and Against Lotteries in Elite University Admissions

People sometimes suggest replacing the admissions systems of highly selective universities with lotteries (their names often rhyme with Palcolm Sadwell). The proposal is that universities would mark a pool of students as ‘good enough’ and then students from that pool would be accepted at random. Here are some arguments for and against this idea, inspiredContinue reading “For and Against Lotteries in Elite University Admissions”

Links for November

What I’ve been reading Much more than you wanted to know about ivermectin. Has broader applications, a general response to the question of “How can the initial evidence for a drug look so strong when it (probably) does nothing?”. Why VAT is better than sales tax. Examining the culture of 1999 through its greatest films,Continue reading “Links for November”

Links for October

What I’ve been reading Wang Huning: the world’s most influential public intellectual? Human costs aside, is bombing actually good? More generally, when is it better to destroy something and start over? Some of you may have read about the recent case in which a famous psychologist was found to be faking data in a veryContinue reading “Links for October”


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