A New Book to Introduce People to Ethical Vegetarianism

My new favourite book about vegetarianism is Dialogues on Ethical Vegetarianism by the philosopher Michael Huemer, published in 2019. I think it should be the new standard text in effective altruism fellowships and discussion groups to introduce issues surrounding eating meat. Ending factory farming is only one part of animal advocacy, but I am dissatisfied… Continue reading A New Book to Introduce People to Ethical Vegetarianism

Bryan Caplan meets Socrates

Socrates and Glaucon are walking down from the Acropolis, when they encounter a stranger from a distant land. Caplan: Greetings, Socrates. Socrates: Greetings, stranger. From whence do you come? Caplan: I am from a faraway land. Socrates: Sparta? Thrace? Caplan: Much further out than that. Socrates: Where, then? Caplan: It is not important right now.… Continue reading Bryan Caplan meets Socrates

Links for January

What I’ve been reading Which country has the world’s best healthcare system? An argument that you should buy things, not experiences.   Chris Blattman has restarted blogging. See for example his best non-fiction of the year, parts one and two. The story of scurvy; or, why reality is very weird. Things you are doing but… Continue reading Links for January

Links for December

Links are late this month, due to my Christmas-induced slowdown in media consumption. What I’ve been reading Zvi Mowshowitz’s current model of omicron. It’s hard to believe this came out only a week ago. Why does yoga feel good? Some hypotheses. Cheating as a last resort. And more from the same blog: experiments in choosing… Continue reading Links for December


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