Some Ramblings on ‘In Cold Blood’

I feel bad about not reading more fiction. I have this weird obsession with obtaining new information in everything that I do for pleasure, even if the information is trivial, or just generally less interesting than the insights gained from fiction. I’ve compromised by reading a lot of non-fiction that’s written like novels. So, it’sContinue reading “Some Ramblings on ‘In Cold Blood’”

A Layman’s Guide to Recreational Mathematics Videos

I have watched a lot of maths videos on the internet. The medium of YouTube is quite well suited to maths; maths books are frequently either boring or are really about maths history/psychology/sociology. People sometimes ask me for recommendations of maths channels and videos to watch, so I thought I would write this guide toContinue reading “A Layman’s Guide to Recreational Mathematics Videos”

Book Review: The Beginning of Infinity

Inspired by: Naval, If Sapiens Were a Blogpost and Brett Hall’s podcast. Many people have recommended the book The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations that Transform the World by David Deutsch to me. I don’t know how, because I can’t imagine any of them actually finished it. Previously on my blog I’ve reviewed books and beenContinue reading “Book Review: The Beginning of Infinity”

A List of Projects and Microgrants You Should Apply For

If you are looking for an idea rather than something to apply for, you may want to check out my ideas page. In secondary school, I did a lot of extracurriculars and projects. I generally found them to be significantly more beneficial than my actual education. They tend to fall into three categories: a) paidContinue reading “A List of Projects and Microgrants You Should Apply For”

My Five Favourite Episodes of ‘Conversations with Tyler’

Inspired by: Fergus McCullough. Podcast feed: Website, Apple podcasts, Spotify, RSS Conversations with Tyler is one of my favourite podcasts. In it, the economist Tyler Cowen asks detailed (and often rapid-fire) questions of guests, which often include authors, philosophers, scientists and economists. Conversations with Tyler is very information dense, and has a lot of replayContinue reading “My Five Favourite Episodes of ‘Conversations with Tyler’”

Notes on Persistence and Economic Development

How much of economic development is determined by long-run historical forces, and how much of it by contingent leaders, thinkers, and events? I originally took these notes for an entry to an economics contest. They’re not rigorous in any way, but I thought it might be of interest to readers. I posted a lightly editedContinue reading “Notes on Persistence and Economic Development”