My First Trip to America: A Photo Essay

Alternate title: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Ireland. I recently visited America for the first time. I went to Washington DC for two days, then Arlington for three, then New York for five. I travelled on the day the US border opened, for which every airport I travelled through wasContinue reading “My First Trip to America: A Photo Essay”

The Very Best of Very Bad Wizards

“Very Bad Wizards is a podcast with the philosopher, my dad, and psychologist, Dave Pizarro, having an informal discussion about issues in science and ethics. Please note that the discussion contains bad words that I’m not allowed to say and, knowing my dad, some very inappropriate jokes.”  -Eliza Sommers This is the disclaimer at theContinue reading “The Very Best of Very Bad Wizards”

Response to the Comments on Open Borders

I posted a (significantly improved) version of my review of Bryan Caplan’s book Open Borders on LessWrong and the EA Forum. It was also linked to and discussed on Marginal Revolution. I got enough thoughtful responses that I thought it was worth making a comment response post. From my email From Fergus McCullough, in myContinue reading “Response to the Comments on Open Borders”

Some Ramblings on ‘In Cold Blood’

I feel bad about not reading more fiction. I have this weird obsession with obtaining new information in everything that I do for pleasure, even if the information is trivial, or just generally less interesting than the insights gained from fiction. I’ve compromised by reading a lot of non-fiction that’s written like novels. So, it’sContinue reading “Some Ramblings on ‘In Cold Blood’”

A Layman’s Guide to Recreational Mathematics Videos

I have watched a lot of maths videos on the internet. The medium of YouTube is quite well suited to maths; maths books are frequently either boring or are really about maths history/psychology/sociology. People sometimes ask me for recommendations of maths channels and videos to watch, so I thought I would write this guide toContinue reading “A Layman’s Guide to Recreational Mathematics Videos”